Scooter wear way of thought

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This is a philosophy I agree with . . .

“Our aim is to offer items that can make you look cool from the morning when you go to work until late if you want to stay out heading directly for a drink,



I saw this article and saw some similarities to Motovista. Getting there and looking good at the same time. A lot more frilly than Motovista but still cool


Prettify your | Bangkok Post: lifestyle.

Thinking about better weather

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Here in Seattle, you just need to visualize sun and warmth. Especially on super rainy days like today.


blue dress

Great look

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Love the look and attitude with this coat.

"Girl Mods", Catherine McNeil by Knoepfel & Indlekofer for Vogue Paris

Another scooter dress pattern

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I love these old patterns. I think the premise on them all is the same.  They are “split skirts/coulottes” that look like skirts froma distance but are acutally loose fitting pants/shorts that let you get on your scooter and ride.


Great way to cover your legs

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leather coulottes

I love this idea. And yes, technically they are coulottes but – how awesome. Leather (or imitatation leather) that is great for riding then when you get off you look like you are in nice skirt.


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I love this photo because of the attitude of the rider. He does not fit any sort of a scooter rider stereotype and is totally cool.