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Zach Galifianakis.This guy is perfect for scooter riding.


Hmmm, where did Cam Newton get the money for this ride?  Bottom line, they beat Oregon (yea! Huskies hate Ducks) and if we wants to wear Motovista, I am not here to judge.Aim it at Oregon and go!

Before Rehab

This is how he will look after he gets out of rehab.  The glittered outfit and Ronald Regan embellished scooter had NOTHING to do with his need for therapy.  But I am sure he would appreciate a Motovista piece as a “get well” gift.

In a hurry to put a better jacket on

Because he would not want to be captured riding his scooter in anything but  a Motovista jacket.  Even if it means really bad parking . . . he must change jackets.

Yes, some say the Black Eyed Peas wrote this song to get the Motovista line into production.  And you can see why they want me to get going – they look good in what they are wearing but would look way better in Motovista.

And yes, Motovisata loves Michael Jackson.

Watch this video of Michael Jackson in a Japanese Scooter ad.

Another “don’t” photo but the ugly truth must be told. Owen Wilson –  What is worse –  lack of helmet, lack of shoes or lack of Motovista gear?  You decide.

I think his dog is saying "Stop Owen! Put your Motovista gear on first!!"